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Let the Sunshine In


Never saw any live production of Hair, that hippie-dippie, feel-good, racially-harmonious*, we-are-or-could-be-one (but let’s be real, the Vietnam war is going on) musical, but the ending number from the filmed adaptation directed by Milos Forman (of all people) makes me wish I had, if only to see if it matches its emotional intensity.

*I did flinch at some of the racial representations which seem dated and in the name of progress of the era(s) [play: 1967, film: 1979], probably intentionally provocative.

Treat Williams (of all people) sings, Flesh Failures(Let the Sunshine In), now one of my favorite movie musical interludes rivaling Easy to be Hard, also from the film, winning that particular sing-off because of the genius plot twist compacted into the last few minutes of the movie.

Major spoiler alert: This is the end of the movie and it differs from the play and it is the end, folks, so don’t watch unless you want to reduce its power from the whole.

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